Fellows Program




The FCA Lacrosse Summer Internship is a 2 month paid program dedicated to investing in the lives of college lacrosse players while providing opportunities to grow spiritually, mentally, and physically.

Our program provides interns with the opportunity to immerse themselves in full-time, non-profit lacrosse ministry while spending the summer right in the heart of lacrosse country –Baltimore, MD



Any college lacrosse player who has completed one year of college.

Frequently Asked Question

The internship is 2 months long during the summer, starting the day after Memorial Day.

Fellows Program  Job Description 

Fellows Program Interns will serve full-time for their two months with FCA Lacrosse. The main responsibilities of Fellows Program Interns are as follows

  • Participating in staff meetings, devotionals and events

  • Assisting in organization and execution of FCA Lacrosse events, teams, tournaments 
and camps. 

  • Upholding regular office hours during the week and complete daily and weekly tasks

  • Serving as a Huddle Leader for an FCA Maryland Club Team, Tournament teams and Gettysburg Camp.

  • Calendar
    The Fellows Program begins the week after Memorial Day and ends the last week in July. During this time, you will be living in the Baltimore, MD area and serving full-time on staff with FCA Lacrosse.
  • Events
    - MD Club Team practices and tournaments (June) 
    - Vail Lacrosse Tournament 
    - Gettysburg Camp 
    - Local Camps (TBD) 
    - Intern Development Days 
  • Housing
    Interns live with a host family during the summer. Our hope is that living together will encourage interns to grow in relationships with one another and encourage/challenge each other in their personal lives as well. Host families DO NOT provide meals for interns, so interns will be responsible for their own meals during regular work days.  
  • Transportation
    If possible, interns will provide their own transportation while living in Baltimore. This will give them the freedom to travel to the office, practices and other places in the local area on their own.
  • FCA Event Logistics
    For FCA National Teams, Camps, etc. FCA Lacrosse will provide housing, travel, meals and other event-related expenses.  

For the two-month Fellows Program, participants can earn up to $4,000. Part of the process of being on staff with FCA Lacrosse is to understand how a non-profit ministry is run.  As staff members, we are required to raise our salary as well as administrative costs and any money that is required for activities to take place.  As part of the Fellows Program, you will contact people in your community, friends, family members, and mentors to ask them join in you in your efforts to raise financial support for the summer.  The support you raise will be your pay check up to the allotted amount.  Any extra support you raise will go into supporting FCA Lacrosse as a ministry and helping other future members of the Fellows Program as well as cover the expenses created beyond the salary, such as: merchandise, training, retreat expenses, postage and supplies for fundraising mailing, check processing fees, and other administrative costs.

*Please note that this is taxed by the Federal Government just like any other job.

2021 FCA Lacrosse Summer Interns


Lara Jensen

(McDaniel '22)

Lilly Stephens

(Frostburg State '23)

Kati Paavola

(Iona '21)

Paige Megargee

(Messiah '22)

Josh McFadden

(Messiah '23)


Addison Bennet

(Grove City '22)

Colin Fowler

(Lehigh '23)
Chip Quinn

Chip Quinn

(Lynchburg '23)

Previous FCA Lacrosse Fellows

Ben Savick (2019)

Ben Savick

(Robert Morris '21)
Steph Colson (2019)

Steph Colson

(Gettysburg '19)
Jacob Tatum (2019)

Jacob Tatum

(Stevenson '21)
Jenna Joyal (2019)

Jenna Joyal

(Liberty '20)
Brett Gladstone (2019)

Brett Gladstone

(Grove City '21)
Maddie-Grace Wood (2019)

Maddie-Grace Wood

(Messiah '21)
Jake Davis (2019)

Jake Davis

(Messiah '21)
Sara Burney (2019)

Sara Burney

(Millersville '20)
Casey Wasserman (2018)

Casey Wasserman

(Towson '21)
Kim McDonough (2018)

Kim McDonough

(Villanova '20)
Will Nowesnick (2018)

Will Nowesnick

(Salisbury '18)
Courtney Baker (2018)

Courtney Baker

(Furman '19)
Jimmu Watson (2018)

Jimmy Watson

(Monmouth '21)
Luke Habich (2018)

Luke Habich

(Springfield '19)
Myles Cohen (2017)

Myles Cohen

(Furman '19)
Caroline Smith (2017)

Caroline Smith

(Liberty '17)
Evan Stoker (2017)

Evan Stoker

(Messiah '20)
Mackenzie Koeller (2017)

Mackenzie Koeller

(Campbell '18)
Trevor Keena (2017)

Trevor Keena

(Palm Beach Atlantic '20)
Kyle Savick (2016)

Kyle Savick

(McDaniel '18)
Ben Corrigan (2016)

Ben Corrigan

(Lenoir Rhyne '18)
Ben Pridemore (2016)

Ben Pridemore

(Notre Dame '17)
Chris White (2016)

Chris White

(Christopher Newport '19)
Timmy Gray (2016)

Timmy Gray

(Scranton '18)
Bryce Wasserman (2016)

Bryce Wasserman

(Monmouth '18)
Brett Bernardo (2015)

Brett Bernardo

(Liberty '16)
Colin Riehl (2015)

Colin Riehl

(Marquette '18)
Dom Scarfo (2015)

Dominic Scarfo

(Florida Southern '15)
Owen Geiss (2015)

Owen Geiss

(Gordon '18)
Calder Alfono (2014)

Calder Alfono

(Florida State '17)
Hope Herline (2014)

Hope Herline

(Furman '17)
Ryan Colby (2014)

Ryan Colby

(Grove City '15)
Alyssa Kidder (2014)

Alyssa Kidder

(Liberty '16)
Matt Geran (2014)

Matt Geran

(Furman '17)
Tyler Cook (2013)

Tyler Cook

(High Point '16)
Kallie Britton (2013)

Kallie Britton

(Liberty '16)
Jeff Hale (2013)

Jeff Hale

(High Point '15)
Katherine Athens (2013)

Katherine Athens

(Pfeiffer '14)
Claeson Dillon

Claeson Dillon

(Hamilton '14)
Pat Thatcher

Patrick Fletcher

(Sacred Heart '13)
Stephanie Steinweg

Stephanie Steinweg

(William & Mary '12)
Katherine Bailey

Katherine Bailey

(Gordon '14)
Pax Anthos

Pax Anthos

(Hamilton '14)
Lauren King

Lauren King

(Christopher Newport '13)
Matt Emerson

Matt Emerson

(Messiah '13)
Elizabeth Gauf

Elizabeth Gauff

(Bucknell '14)
Pete Owens

Pete Owens

(Messiah '11)
Ben Sims

Ben Sims

(Presbyterian '12)
Matt Miller

Matt Miller

(Washington '13)
Ben Horton

Ben Horton

(Eastern '10)
Charles Saylor

Charles Saylor

(Mercyhurst '09)
Dan Sharbaugh

Dan Sharbaugh

(Eastern '09)
Jonathan Colo

Johnathon Colo

(Seton Hill '10)
Matt Danmeyer

Matt Danmyer

(Messiah '13)
Matt Morgan

Matt Morgan

(Wheaton '09)
Kevin Connally

Kevin Connally

(Messiah '10)