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FIL World Lacrosse Championships Pre-Departure Check List

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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  1. Registration and Payment: Once you have been invited to participate in an FCA Lacrosse international trip you will be sent a registration link and password through your email. At this point in time you will be required to complete the registration, pay your deposit ($300), as well as completing an online waiver. You will also be given payment options at this time for the balance of your trip. The full trip costs is $1500 for 2 weeks and $1000 for 1 week. You will be required to pay the $300 deposit out-of-pocket but will have to option of fundraising your balance.

  2. Passport: A valid US Passport is not required for this trip, however some form of legal identification is.

  3. Book Flight: DO NOT book your flight. Once you have been selected by FCA Lacrosse to participate on the World Games Team we will book your flight. Please see the World Games Travel page for more info.

  4. Submit Flight Confirmation: Once your flight has been booked we will send you your flight plans to Denver and your return flight from Denver to your respective home. If you are staying in Denver before or after the specified trip times, are coming late or leaving early from the trip you will be responsible for your own travel and ground transport. (Please clarify upon talking to our FCA Lacrosse Staff)

  5. Visa: No passport or visas are required for travel within the continental United States.

  6. Immunizations/Pills: No immunizations are required for travel within the continental United States. If you are required to take any sort of pills or medication you are personally responsible for taking it.

  7. Payment Deadline: The team will be selected by the end of March. Those selected will then be required to register and pay their deposit. At that point you will select your payment method and be given a payment deadline. If you chose to back out, you will lose your $300 deposit.

  8. Pack for Trip: A complete packing list will be distributed prior to departure!

  9. To Bring or Not to Bring: This will be clarified and included in the packing list prior to departure.

  10. Depart for Denver: Let the adventure begin...

Other Important Items

  • Lodging: See Trip. Info. Page
  • Ground Transportation: See Trip Info. Page
  • Food: See Trip Info. Page
  • Spending Money: See Trip. Info. Page
  • Trip Schedule: See Trip Info. Page
  • Tickets: See Trip Info. Page
  • Parking: See Trip Info. Page