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Lake Placid Men's Elite Trip Details

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Lake Placid Trip Details

For the past 20 years FCA has been putting teams into different tournaments throughout the country.  From Vail, CO to Ocean City, MD teams have been formed as a way to create an opportunity to bring Christ into the lacrosse community.  While the majority of the teams focus on being an outreach opportunity, one team has been set apart to focus on bringing guys who have already made a faith commitment further in their relationship with the Lord.

Three years ago through much prayer and discussion the FCA staff decided that the Lake Placid team would be the one team that would be a place for Christians to come and be challenged in ways that other teams and events didn’t allow.

The team experience will focus on teaching practical disciplines for Christian growth, the development as an effective campus leader and the training for spiritual, organizational and motivational tools for use back on campus.

Cost: $250
The cost of the trip includes lodging, some food, an FCA Bible, team shorts, and team shirt.  Payment is available on-line.

Tournament Format
We will play four games over the course of the weekend.  Each game will consist of four 16 minute running quarters.  The championship game on Sunday is determined by a team’s three prior games.

Jerseys for all players will be provided and returned at the end of the tournament.  Each player will receive game shorts that are yours to keep.   You are welcome to wear any helmet and pair of gloves that you desire.