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Costa Rica Travel

(DO NOT BOOK YOUR FLIGHT until you have been invited and have registered with FCA Lacrosse.)

Trip Travel:
The 2014 Costa Rica Trip is scheduled for August 11 - August 17, 2014. Unlike the Nicaragua trip, team training will not be held in the US prior to the trip. Training will however take place upon arrival in Liberia, Costa Rica on August 11th. Therefore all seven days of the trip from the August 11-17 are the scheduled dates in the country of Costa Rica. Every international trip team member is responsible for booking and paying for their own transportation to Liberia, Costa Rica on the morning or early afternoon of August 11th. Team members are also fully responsible for their return booking from Liberia on the afternoon or early evening of the 17th to their respective home destinations.

Arrival in Costa Rica:
We will suggest a few flights to try to coordinate the number of trips to and from the airport for the drivers in Costa Rica! These flights will be early morning flights originating in your home city. Flights should have arrived in Liberia, Costa Rica midday local time on August 11th.

Departure from Costa Rica:
When booking flights home,  please book a flight on August 17th any time after noon. Please note that all players will be traveling to the airport together so it is important for everyone to have similar flight times. We will also make flight suggestions along these lines.

International Travel Form:
Once your round-trip international airfare has been booked please pass that information on to us by filling out the International Travel Form.